DIY Coat Hook

One of the coolest stores in the Washington, D.C. area is Community Forklift (  It is basically a warehouse for all things old that are begging for a new home.    Antiques and vintage pieces galore, you cannot find a more unique spot.   After visiting a few times and walking out empty handed (only because of lack of apartment space) , we decided to go back and find the perfect trinkets for a DIY coat hook.   Picking the wood was the easy part, there was really only one that would fit in our apartment, so we went with the obvious.  Next came picking old door knobs for the hooks.  Sifting through bins by the hundreds, we mixed and matched until we found our combo.  With a little hot glue and super glue, all came into place!  The super glue is insanely strong and leaves no wiggle room. Now we have the perfect place to hang scarves and coats. ImageImage


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